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Edith Nsubuga Kasekende - Founder, Certified Matchmaker at Ignite Romance

Edith Nsubuga Kasekende
Founder, Certified Matchmaker

A Human Capital and Talent Management professional, Solution Focused Coach, Rotarian, Wife, Parent, Edith has more than 25 years experience handling recruitment for clients in the private, multinational and non-governmental sectors. Having lived in three different cities around the world as an expatriate, she has settled back home in Kampala, Uganda in East Africa.

Edith is an internationally certified matchmaker and is part of the prestigious Global Love Network and certified by the Matchmaking Institute, a community of professional matchmaking recruiters and dating coaches in every corner of the world.

Thus with more than 25 years experience matching people to jobs, she embarked on the exciting challenge of matching people to people.

Ignite Romance’s core values are Trust, Respect and Confidentiality and they underpin the way we interact with our clients, colleagues and partners. We believe that building trust and maintaining confidentiality are vital in fostering successful connections.
"My job is to bring individuals together to match them perfectly."

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